Initiated and led by Sylvain Roca, the workshop "Heatwave" is a starting point for a fiction which he is the author: "Heatwave, the city transformed." Based on the inspirations that generated for a week fourteen participants - designers, producers, designers, decorators - experimenting and develop devices in total freedom, either alone or with others. Imagining how to protect themselves, escape from, confront, or be swallowed up whole...


Participants: Una Aïchinger, Marius Andresen, Gilles Belley, Nicolas Béquart, François Brument, Nathalie Chauvier, Sébastien Cordoléani, Xavier Flavard, Anne Fontaimpe, Frédéric Frety, Myriam Goubey, Éric Noguès, Sylvain Roca, Florian Sanson, Cyrille Smaha


photos: Sylvain Roca

  • Opening: September 2000
  • Location: Sauvebonne valley, Hyères, France
  • Area: 7 acres
  • Production: Sylvain Roca
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