Designed both as a trip to an era and as an approach closer to intimacy with a woman, an artist marked by destiny and quest for absolute exposure, divided into a succession assignment of thematic areas, plunge the visitor into the heart of the life and career because of Romy Schneider, while cees wHOLE plate under the sign of passion. Photos and original posters, magazines era, jewelery, that belonged to the actress, unpublished letters, scenarios, costumes ... Worship testify she raises her young age and the role it plays in the Franco-German reconciliation.


Curator: Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, graphisme: Akouna/ Charlotte Duval

  • Opening: November 2011
  • Location: Musée des Années 30, Boulogne-Billancourt
  • Area: 800 m2
  • Production: Akouna - Tristan Duval
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