Tree which Never Dies


The contemporary art exhibition "The tree that never dies" offers a journey of some fifty works made in mediums as diverse as painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, video and installations, the public discovered how artists question the tenuous relationship between man and tree - and nature in general - the city and its relationship to the art itself. 

Artists: Pierre Alechinsky, Cécile Beau, Katinka Bock, Andy Goldsworthy, Tadashi Kawamata, David Nash, Javier Pérez, Laurent Pernot, Jaume Plensa, Martial Raysse, Samuel Rousseau, Jean-Claude Ruggirello, Erik Samakh, Susumu Shingu...


curator: Florence Guionneau-Joie, scenography: Atelier Sylvain Roca, graphism: Tiphaine Massari


photos: Sylvain. Roca

  • Opening: March 2013
  • Location: Espace des Sablons, Neuilly
  • Area: 500 m2
  • Production: Neuilly city government
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