The Enchanted World of Jacques Demy


The cinema of Jacques Demy designs a world - a world of ports (Nantes, Nice, Cherbourg, Rochefort, Los Angeles, Marseilles) crossed by amorous to-ings and fro-ings, in which the imaginary always gets the better of the impossible. In nineteen films, which the filmmaker wanted all 'linked to one another', he created a Pop human comedy, interlaced with dreams and made up of a host of enchanted singing characters ever ready to dance, fluctuating between subtle derision of the words and sensuality. The show will offer an experience through this very colourful Demy-monde  that is a real continent unto itself.


curators: Matthieu Orléan, Rosalie Varda, scenography: Nicolas Groult & Atelier Sylvain Roca, graphism: Fabien Hahusseau, lights: Vyara Stefanova


photos: Sylvain Roca

  • Opening: April 2013
  • Location: La Cinémathèque Française, Paris
  • Area: 600 m2
  • Production: La Cinémathèque Française
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