MAÎTRES DE L'ART BELGE, entre rêves et réalités

This exhibition presents an overview of Belgian art from the last 150 years through selected masterpieces from the Ixelles Museum, with representative sets illustrating its main historical trends, including works by Pierre Alechinsky, Paul Delvaux, James Ensor, Jan Fabre, René Magritte and Théo van Rysselbergh.


Questioning the relationship with reality will constitute the unifying thread of the exhibition: a fondamental problem for Belgian art where widely different answers were provided, from social realism to fantasy via various forms of expressionism or humour. Organized into thematic sections meant to highlight the constants and specificities of this history, this tour will enable visitors to discover its major episodes, from realism to abstraction and contemporary art, via impressionism, neo-impressionism, symbolism, fauvism, expressionism and surrealism.


Curator: Claire Leblanc, Ixelles Museum curator, graphism: Sophie Martinez-Declerck



  • Opening: July 2014
  • Location: Le Bellevue, Biarritz
  • Area: 1200 m²
  • Production: Biarritz city cultural department
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