Divine Migrations


Through a collection of pieces and exceptional archaeological objects lent by the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art and the Museum of Art and History in  Geneva, the MUCEM sets the dynamics of great ancient polytheisms in new perspective. Far from being isolated and set religious events, these great cultural reservoirs meet and converse at the very heart of the Mediterranean.


This new landmark exhibition investigates this conversation between Greek, Roman and Egyptian pantheons through their practices, representations and through the answers they provide regarding the success and finality of existence. Trade, and sometimes military conquest, greatly contributed to the circulation of the Ancient gods. This intellectual intercourse between civilizations has shaped new theological forms, fully illustrating the open-mindedness of ancient religions as well as  their spirit of tolerance.  


curators:  Myriame Morel, Jean-Luc Chappaz, scenography: Atelier Sylvain Roca, graphism: Patrick Hoarau, lights: Vyara Stefanova and Julia Kravstova


photos: Sylvain Roca

  • Opening: June 2015
  • Location: MUCEM, Marseille
  • Area: 830 m2
  • Production: MUCEM
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