Napoléon I on the imperial throne, by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1806

The conception of a tailor-made climate controlled display case, in a particularly constrained space, to house «the Mona Lisa of the Army Museum", Napoleon I on the imperial throne, a monumental painting by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, in 1806.


Protecting this unique work from climatic variations and from contact with visitors, the design of the display case finally allows visitors to appreciate the smallest details and vibrant colours of the painting through sophisticated indirect lighting and large extra-white anti-reflective glazing, while retaining easy access for research and exceptional loan purposes.


curator: Sylvie Leray-Burimi, designer: Atelier Sylvain Roca, lights: Ponctuelle

photos: © Paris, musée de l’Armée/Emilie Cambier

  • Opening: December 2016
  • Location: musée de l'Armée - Hôtel National des Invalides
  • Area:
  • Production: musée de l'Armée - Hôtel National des Invalides
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