Claude Monet, Genius Loci


Based on about fifteen paintings chosen among the painter’s most emblematic landscapes stored in the French public collections, the exhibition redraws his career through the landscape experience, leading him from mere depiction of a place to the principle of the series and to Modern Art.


Throughout the tour, two landscapes converse in harmony with each other and with the public and unravel an overview of the works and augmented landscapes (video creations).


As the tour ends, the visitors may take part in the creation of a unique piece – an interactive audiovisual set-up where visitors create a water garden by designing a water lily bed.


The exhibition is an opportunity to rediscover Antonioni’s work in its various aspects: cinematic of course, photographic, pictorial and litterary, and also to replace this work in its time through a parallel with today’s visual arts.


It will unfold and bring face to face film extracts, photographic testimonies of the creative work and intimate biographical details, writings and rare documents revealing the power of forms and dreams, notes and pictures gathered and assembled according to a principle in which erotic fascination for and amazement with actresses’ faces combined with methodical precision.


curator: Bruneau Girveau, scenography: Nicolas Groult & Atelier Sylvain Roca, graphism : Dépli Design Studio, audio-visual production: Réciproque

  • Opening: May 2016
  • Location: Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Area: 550 m2
  • Production: Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais - Hong Kong Heritage Museum
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