Eternal Sites


This unprecedented event, responds to the policy of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to preserve the Moroccan heritage as well as universal human heritage, considering it as a safeguard of peace.


The event aims to raise public awareness of the concept of endangered heritage through the evocation of emblematic sites and the depredations that threaten universal heritage, especially in times of conflict. The installation allows the visitor to discover, or rediscover, the splendours of great archaeological sites located today in high risk zones, Bamiyan, Khorsabad, Palmyra, the Umayyad Mosque of Damascus and Krak of the Knights, universal heritage sites particularly threatened by conflict in Afghanistan and the Middle East. According to UNESCO, for Syria alone, the six World Heritage sites and countless other cultural and archaeological sites have been damaged, looted or even destroyed to varying degrees.


curators: Bahija Simou, Director of the Royal Archives of Morocco, Jean-Luc Martinez, President and Director of the Louvre Museum, scenography: Atelier Sylvain Roca, 3D sourcing and contents: Iconem, graphism: Dépli Design Studio, lights: Gelatic, audio-visual engineering: Mardi8, director: Olivier Brunet, composer: Olivier Lafuma


photos: Zach Barouti, Sylvain Roca

  • Opening: November 2018
  • Location: Vallée de Bouregreg, Salé, Maroc
  • Area: 800 m2
  • Production: Direction des Archives Royales du royaume du Maroc, Réunion des Musées Nationaux - Grand Palais, Paris Établissement Public du Louvre, Paris
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