Musée de Biarritz


In the elegant setting of St. Andrew's Anglican Church, the Historical Museum traces the rich history of Biarritz.


A small fishing village in the Middle-Ages, Biarritz has been transformed into an international seaside resort by the presence of Napoleon III and Eugénie, and continues to evolve. From 1986 to today, thanks to donations, the Museum has been able to collect many rare and unique pieces, as well as valuable information for historians.


The reorganization of the museum, the project aims to rethink the presentation of collections, their hierarchy, their rhythm, their conservation, their theatricality, their lighting and to evaluate the unique setting that constitutes the chapel of Saint Andrew's


scenography, graphism, lights: Sylvain Roca


Photo campaign of a selection of objects, as part of a crowdfunding launch. Copyright Sylvain Roca

  • Opening: April 2019
  • Location: Saint Andrew's chapel
  • Area: 400 m2
  • Production: Association des amis du Musée de Biarritz
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