Rich in a centuries-old multi-secular history Pompeii prospered in Antiquity, under the domination of Rome, thanks to its trade and its fertile lands. Art flourished there. It was embellished by the central power as well as by an affluent bourgeoisie which disappeared overnight, in the year 79 AD. The exhibition offers an immersive digital visit that dramatically depicts Pompeii.


Since the rediscovery of its buried ruins, the city of Pompeii has fascinated. The eruption of Vesuvius which devastated it, and wiped out its population, froze it in time. Witness to the splendour of Rome, it concentrates a number of unique works of ancient art. Today, the archaeological site, inscribed on the list of the world heritage of humanity by Unesco, is visited by nearly 4 million visitors each year.


The exhibition plunges the visitor into the heart of the city through immersive projections, sound reconstructions and original music.

curator: Massimo Osanna, head of PAP, scenography an artistic direction: Sylvain Roca, films’ director: Olivier Brunet, composer: Olivier Lafuma, lights: Reflet, graphism: Atelier Bastien Morin, Ingineering: Mardi 8, VR: Gedeon 

copyright GEDEON Programmes

  • Opening: July 2020
  • Location: Grand Palais, Paris
  • Area: 1200 m2
  • Production: Réunion des Musée Nationaux - Grand Palais, Gédéon Programmes, Parc Archéologique de Pompéi
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